5 Tips to Increase the Likes on Your Facebook Page


Increasing Likes on your Facebook page, vanity aside, is an important objective, even in 2018!

Increasing your fan base allows, at least theoretically, an increase in the organic views of your messages, communication, promotions etc. We say theoretically for at least 2 reasons, which should not be underestimated.
The first reason is EdgeRank, guarding the inner walls. EdgeRank is the algorithm Facebook uses to determine the visibility of a post within the newsfeed of friends and followers.

Facebook’s policy reduces organic visibility of posts and favors paid sponsored posts. However, the posts generating the greatest interaction are the ones that are given the widest viewing audience.

The second reason lies within the user profile. If likes are accumulated falsely, for example:

  • Asking friends or family
  • Sponsoring yourself to people who aren’t genuinely interested
  • Worse yet, paying for likes

The result will be a fan base of users with low, and poor-quality interactions.  So, what do you need? Contacts who are genuinely interested in your content.

Keeping these two fundamental premises in mind, we have a few pieces of advice:

Create an attractive page and complete with all of your information

Let’s be clear; this is not optional, it’s a prerequisite.
Your page needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional; that’s your ticket to being seen. Practically this means starting with an evocative cover image of your business, and an avatar with your logo.

You will need to compile all of the contextual information for your business as well; written descriptions, address, detailed descriptions, categories and subcategories.
Keep in mind that this information isn’t only for your fans, but also to ensure that your page appears in a search relevant to your category within Facebook. The more information you provide, the greater the likelihood to turn up in a related search.


Add the “Like” button to your website.

You have probably found yourself on a website with a “like” button to become a follower of that site’s Facebook page.
Even if it seems like cheap advice, it is a way to turn a by chance visitor to your website into a loyal Facebook follower in an organic way.
To add this plugin, go to this Facebook page, in a few steps you’ll have the code to embed on your website.

There are more intrusive ways to ask for likes from your followers, some wordpress plugins appear as popups asking users to become fans, like the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.

Our personal suggestion is not to overdo it, don’t make the experience annoying for your users.

Use your page in every possible context, when possible mention your page in conversation.

Once in a while comment on other pages using your Facebook page account (not your personal one), leave a trace and entice someone’s curiosity to click.

Outside of Facebook’s network, insert a link to your Facebook page where possible; on your website, at the bottom of emails, anytime your logo appears on other websites ( in the case of collaborations, sponsorships, or participation in events) and offline too, on posters, business cards and more.

Plant ideas to involve users beyond the fan base that is already part of your page. For example, organize a contest (be sure to abide by Facebook’s terms and conditions). A travel agency could create a contest for the best summer photos, fans may invite their own friends to vote for them. Maybe you can host an event: ask followers to invite friends who may be interested.

Keep your Facebook page alive and dynamic

Let’s start with the golden rule of all social media: Constantly keep your page “alive” and maintain interaction with users.
This means publishing posts that a fresh, attractive, useful and interesting.

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If individual posts attract attention and are shared, other users will see them, upon visiting your page they may decide to follow you.

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