The importance of Social Media for Freelancers and Small Business


Social networks are, without a doubt, one of the most relevant recent phenomena. At the end of  2017 more than 2.2 billion people on Earth were monthly active  on Facebook.

Aside from helping wrap your mind around this phenomena, the figures presented indicate something. While some may view social media as frivolous and useless, its actually the place to find millions of potential clients and customers, promote products and services and the forum to interact.
This is true for big brands, but its even more important for professionals, freelancers, independent contractors and small businesses.
Actually, if you compare today’s marketing to that from a few years ago, small businesses have gained a lot of leverage. On very small budgets, thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. the small company or freelancer now has the exposure potential that could have never afforded a few year back.

There are more than 65 Millions Facebook Pages linked to business owner’s associations, or frequently to individual businesses, independent professionals  or small companies.
To be visible to clients, no matter what type of business, whether it would be products or services, a Facebook fan page is tool to be guarded.
For dentists, accountants, stores, travel agencies, etc. it is important to have a virtual presence where a good portion of your potential clients are also present, whether current or future clients.

Social Media for SMEs and Freelancers. Having a page is not enough

That’s all well and good. But if you look around on social media and look at some business pages, analysis will show that just having a page or existing isn’t enough. The most important part isn’t just having a presence, but it’s all about how you use your page. Social media pages and profiles aren’t something static (as some websites were in the past), actually it is something extremely dynamic.

What does that mean? How do you achieve that? Guard your relationship with customers providing dynamic, authoritative and entertaining content, and manage it in a way strengthens ties with users?
Here are some examples: If a dentist’s page is an authoritative source of suggestions on oral hygiene, that page is likely to attract the attention of someone who values that information. Maybe that interested user may even start to follow you page. At the decisive moment in which that user then needs services of a dental office, your page will be a factor in that decision making process.
Here’s another: A mountain bike shop regularly posts updates on races and rallies, the latest tech, news from the world of professional bikers, and suggestions for amateurs and pros alike. Photo posts showing off-road trails and rugged terrain will likely become a point of reference for enthusiasts, reaching beyond social media.

In the Information Age, where there is so much information available that it is overwhelming. If you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff and select pertinent material from the information overflow your followers, and casual viewers will appreciate what you have to offer. In this type of customer care there is no room for overbearing advertisement or self aggrandizement, that will only annoy and deter potential clients.

Creating a following or fan base on Social media outlets is an advantage for businesses large and small as well as for independent professionals. Some of these advantages include:

  • Communicating with your target market and generating increased traffic to your website closing more deals, favoring online purchases or bookings)
  • Develop and maintain ongoing mutual communication. Fans speak on the company’s behalf presenting a human element. A modernized customer care, not just as a point of contact but also a forum for suggestions and advice.
  • Last but not least, wisely integrate information, entertainment and in very small part, promotion.

This is the opportunity that social media affords, and it’s not just an opportunity for big brands. When used the right way, social media represents a powerful marketing tool, brand promotion, and an avenue toward brand loyalty for your client base.

In developing an online content strategy there are many web based tools that can help manage your social media pages. One such tool is Spidwit, helping professionals along with small and mid sized enterprises by providing fresh industry specific content on a daily basis. The daily content provided ranges from news, updates, curiosities and images, along with the ability to create personalized photo posts and graphics to post on your social media accounts.

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