5 Facebook Tricks to increase your reach

After the many changes to EdgeRank getting organic reach on Facebook has become a complex problem: hence these 5 Facebook tricks to grow your reach.

Does your Facebook page always have the same likes? Is the coverage of your posts always very low? As we were saying, the blame lies with EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm. EdgeRank decides which news stories appear on the newsfeeds of each page, basically it decides content reach.

It seems like Zuckerberg & Co.’s strategy is to voluntary lower posts’ reach to capitalize on Facebook’s big numbers prompting businesses and professionals to invest in Advertising.   Luckily paying isn’t the only way to reach your fan base.

To increase your presence of Facebook there are a few tricks, more like a cocktail of suggestions, which when properly dosed can help increase the reach of your posts and thus your page.

1) Create posts that stimulate sharing

As we all know there are three types of interactions on Facebook (like, comment, share) each of which are important with regards to reach. Shares have a marked impact on the lifecycle of your content, as they create more views which means a greater likelihood for new likes, comments and… shares again. If things go really well we can start talking about contents going viral.
There is a difference in content that lends itself to likes and content that prompts shares.

2) Be smart (and careful) in promoting commercial content

People who use Facebook aren’t thrilled to get constant ad’s, sales and incentives to buy. So, if you’re going to publish something that is solely a promotion you’re going to find that the opposite of what you intended for will happen; people won’t interact with the post and ominous EdgeRank will penalize you.
If you really want to do it, don’t exaggerate with too many promotional posts, challenge yourself to create interesting offers, use high quality graphics, or weave the offer into a well written story.

3) Quality is much, much more important that Quantity

Logic can fool you here, publishing a lot of posts will not automatically increase your visibility on Facebook. Bulk publishing will not fix this problem.
Over doing it with low quality, shoddy posts will only annoy users, unleashing negative effects. Quality is the most important element!
Boring posts are the primary reason for a fan to leave a business’ page. Then there are outright hoaxes which can remove any and all of your credibility, remember to always check your sources.
To keep your page varied, we suggest alternating your content and looking at your data to see which posts worked best with your audience: links, videos, pictures and text.
We suggest using interesting content posted on other pages, this way you will have continuity on your page, mixing your posts with those of others will showcase your page for containing “curated content. You can find some ideas by reading “What is the Best Content to Post on Facebook?”
When it comes to quality content to publish Spidwit can be a real help. Spidwit suggests new, high quality,  market specific, content daily. It gives you the tools to publish and post onto you social media accounts quickly.

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4) Make videos and post directly to Facebook

It has become clear to all that video marketing is a growing trend and not to be ignored. It’s true that facebook is promoting them, even in its algorithms, but they have two undeniable advantages. The first advantage lies in that fact that people like content that is easy to consume.  With auto play videos start automatically attracting more attention that a static image.
The video preview is only activated with videos uploaded from Facebook, but not for videos posted on YouTube, Vimeo or video sharing sites.
Therefore, along with using your own interesting and informative videos for your fan base , we also suggest uploading them directly to Facebook.

5) Involve your followers

There are many ways to stimulate engagement on social media, one of the easiest is to ask your viewers a question.
A question on a Facebook post increases the likelihood of a comment, which are highly valued in the EdgeRank algorithm.
As always, we suggest being ready to respond quickly to reply to comments or to any doubts, or answer clarifying questions that may emerge.
Another way to engage your audience is to call into question other users or other pages by tagging them. For example, an article writer or influencer who may be interested in the field or argument may be tagged in a discussion. Don’t get carried away with this tactic, as some users can find it annoying.

Enhancing your organic reach on Facebook isn’t a trivial problem, it should be addressed using a combination of best practices.
Today we showed you 5 Facebook tricks, can you suggest any others? :)

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