How to Create the Perfect Post for Social Media


As we all know social media marketing is one of the best tools currently available to companies and professionals when it comes to brand promotion.

Creating the perfect post is every social media manager’s challenge!
Keep in mind  that each social media network has its own unique audience, and its own rules regulating feeds. These rules directly effect how wide your audience is, and therefore impact the interaction each post can generate with your followers.

This article will take a look at the three Goliaths of social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- outlining the essential elements your post’s need  to maximize reach within each network.


  • Positive content: users mainly focus on fun, positive and inspirational posts. This type of content gets likes and has high sharing potential.
  • Informative Posts: They give value and are palatable for users. A sentence or two is enough to entice readers to follow a link a read an article mentioned.
  • Image Sharing: sharing an image on Facebook generates more interaction. A SocialBakers study found that out of 30,000 posts 87% of photo posts generated the most interaction.
  • Original sayings: sharing aphorism, proverbs, sayings, quotes, and lyrics is another successful strategy. For more, read The best phrases on social media: where can they be found?
  • Don’t forget about smartphones: around 659 million users access Facebook via smartphone. Therefore make sure that your posts are properly formatted to be clearly seen on cell phone screens.
  • Don’ts:   Don’t take people in posts on sensitive issues without their consent, especially if its not even relevant to the post!


  • Rules of Grammar: Twitter allows you to play around with 140 characters. Use them wisely, be sure that punctuation and grammar are correct. We suggest not using all 280 characters keeping in mind retweets with quotes.
  • Facts: share facts, but give them style, make sure they look good, they are more likely to be retweeted.
  • Use Images: Tweets that contain images are 18% more likely to elicit an interactive click
  • Mentions and Hashtags: use them to connect and speak with others. Don’t over use hashtags (max 2) or keywords, doing so will make your tweet difficult to read and loose its attractiveness.


  • Video and Images: tell your story using video and images that describe your company honestly.
  • Colors: Instagram users generally prefer images with blue hues, with some black and low saturation.
  • Visibility: you can increase your visibility using hashtags ( limit their use here too) or by tagging people, thus creating more interaction.
  • Learn from “the great ones”: look at the profiles of professional users, by observing their accounts you can learn a few tricks how to shot a picture, filter usage, lighting improving your performance!

Did you take notes? Good! Now get to posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

If you have any other suggestions on how to create the perfect post feel free to add them below!
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