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condividere contenuti sui social

Why Share Content on Your Social Networks

If you have a prominent fan base, then you’ll know how hard it is to reach followers organically, meaning, without sponsoring. Overcoming this difficulty hinges on providing fresh new content. In order to increase engagement, you’ll need to reach beyond your fan base. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, we already know what is needed to keep those loyal to our brand engaged.

contents to create social post

What to Share on Social Networks

Successful Posts can come from many types of content:

  • Informative and educational posts: keeps your audience interested and gives them useful information
  • Entertaining posts: they might make you ‘stop and think’, may contain evocative images, or can just light and funny
  • Blog Posts: well written and interesting to your followers
  • Market News and Research: gives you an idea of where things are headed, explanatory in nature or a cross section of analysis, allowing for a unique point of view.

Other formats can be of equal weight: infographics, case studies, e-books, and white papers. Let’s not leave out those formats that go beyond written words such as podcasts, videos and audio clips.

tool per condividere contenuti sui social

One Tool for Sharing on Your Social Networks

Spidwit is a powerful all-in-one tool. On our unifying platform, you can: find market specific content (articles, images, etc.), publish and schedule posts to your linked Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, view metrics data on your posts. Our Market specific content included articles, images and quotes. When posting to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook Spidwit offers both the ability to instantly post as well as to draft and schedule your posts to publish at the date and time of your choosing. While managing your content many tools are at your disposition, such as bookmarking, creating images as our powerful editing tool.

Creare un post social

Creating a Post is Truly Simple

You can share content in two easy steps:

  • Decide what to share, make use of our daily suggestions (news, images, quotes)- just click “Share”
  • Select the Social Media Platform to post on, and then click “Share”

Programmare un Post

Scheduling a Post

Scheduled posts are commonly used by those who manage editorial calendars, because it allows for ongoing and continuous planned posting. However, this feature isn’t supported on all Social Networking Platforms, in its absence those needing to plan and prepare rely on a third-party tool like Spidwit.
Scheduling is easy, follow the same steps you would to create a post, then select “schedule”, pick the date and time you’d like the post to be published.

metriche e post programmati

Knowing your publication data: history, metrics and scheduled posts

A list of all your posts can be found in the “My Posts” section. Published and scheduled posts can be viewed in “History”, where you can also find the metrics of each post. Your metrics include the number of Likes, Retweets, Comments etc., helping you to gauge the success of each post.
Scheduled and draft posts can be viewed, edited or cancelled at any time prior to being published.

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