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Content curation facile

Content that adds value for your clients

The quality of your content is the principal gateway to accelerated client acquisition. By selecting and publishing high quality content on a consistent basis, a “by chance” view may turn into a faithful customer. High quality content will set you apart as not only credible in your market, but it will also give your brand unique recognition.

le migliori news del tuo settore

Collect and share the best news from your field

Producing enough content is an important, but generally time-consuming task. On the other hand, the web is full of interesting content that can enhance your social media strategy. One proven communication strategy expertly mixes products produced internally with relevant news from third parties. Selecting and presenting high quality articles from the web adds intrinsic value to the entire community.

le notizie più interessanti

Let Spidwit find new content for you

Managing content curation is a complex task. It requires time to find inspiring subject matter and the most interesting news relating to your fountain of inspiration.
Spidwit researches the best content for you to share easily with your audience. Spidwit finds the content, but you can embed phrases, comments and additional viewpoints to enhance value and promote interaction. The quality of the contents you provide has a direct effect on how the viewer perceives your business, and thus influences your businesses’ reputation.

contenuti di successo per i tuoi social

Only successful content for your social media platforms

While it is fundamental to select content based on your editorial strategy, attention should also be paid to the potential capability that each post has to involve your audience, going viral relies on engagement. Spidwit can help with this by allowing you to preview the social success of content, find out how many Likes, Comments, Shares and Retweets that content has already had on the web.

Immagini Virali

Spidwit can suggest Visual Content that goes viral

Everyone looks for Viral Images due to their high potential to engage and spread via shares. Spidwit suggests inspiring and funny images that have been successful in the last few days on social media platforms. These can be directly shared on your social media pages, allowing you to share your content by capitalizing on what’s gone viral.

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