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Contenuti Interessanti per i Social

Need to find interesting content for your social media? Easy!

Has finding content for social media been your Achilles heel? Are you looking for a fast and effective way to pull interesting content from the web? Spidwit was designed for those looking to build a community with their brand or company at the epicenter. Everyday Spidwit supplies a plethora of market specific news and images.

Piano di Lavoro Social

Customize your tool with content that fits your needs

Register for Spidwit and discover a workspace with readily available content that can be easily shared on your social media accounts. Select your areas of interest to receive daily news and articles (with information from the last 24 hours), images and quotes. With just one click post to the social media accounts you manage.


Follow your favorite RSS feeds and post from your blog

If you have discovered a particularly interesting site or blog, and you want to stay up-to-date with any new information from that source you do not need to visit the site regularly. RSS technology can help. RSS is available on most sites, and it allows you to stay current on news or articles published. Spidwit allows you to configure sources, so that you won’t miss any news you value.

Immagini virali

Viral images to engage your audience

Spidwit suggests useful content to stimulate and engage your followers.
Inspiring Images: breathtaking images and artistic photos for you to post, which you can enhance with phrases and quotes.
Funny images: memes, cartoons and simple jokes. Depending on your target market this type of content can come in handy.
Events of the Day: Frequently days are themed, or in remembrance of a significant milestone (First Man on the Moon, World Kiss Day, Father’s Day). You can commemorate the day on your social networks, pulling from our suggested images

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