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Communication and Web Agencies & Social Media

Web developers’ tasks are no longer limited to simply creating a website: marketing including search engine optimization, distribution of newsletters, managing a blog …and obviously social media management. The objective of social media management is to further develop the business and strategically placing it within the market. This requires:

  • Producing creative material
  • Optimize discovery and production timelines of content.
  • Use of tools to streamline work

Many clients = many social media accounts

An agency with many clients is an agency with many social media pages and profiles, and by default many different areas of interest and markets. Conversely you may have clients within the same market and be in need of a lot of unique content for each of them. Spidwit provides a workspace with everything needed to make the task of social media managers simple and efficient: content, single access point for social media networks, post scheduling, image editing, etc.

Hootsuite and Buffer integration

Many communication agencies and social media managers use Hootsuite or Buffer as tools. Those who discovered Spidwit later on, and value it for its simplicity and variety of content, then found themselves using multiple management tools, making work less streamlined.
It is possible to integrate these products in just a few clicks. Spidwit bears the weight as a powerful search engine for content discovery and post creation, while Hootsuite and Buffer handle page management and scheduling content. Furthermore, this integration allows you to expand the spectrum of supported social media networks.


Spidwit finds and organizes the best content on the web for you. It searches among thousands of the best sites to deliver industry specific high quality news, video, images and quotes, saving you time and energy.


Thanks to Spidwit’s daily content suggestions, you can create interesting and relevant posts for your followers. Thanks to our powerful editor feature you can adjust images, and add effects with ease.


Spidwit makes content sharing easy on many social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all supported. You can schedule posts in advance or publish your posts immediately on your social networks in just a few clicks, or, let our autopilot feature help!

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